The Bowler Hat Dream

I had a dream last night that I was wearing a bowler hat, (Zylinder in german), and inside the hat was Gerald Knauß's, "Röst Rohr", Cafe where he was roasting coffee.

Enough of this I thought and went back to sleep.
At exactly six O'clock, my get up time, I went to the toilet and noticed the toilet roll was empty which reminded me again of my dream. Toilet roll...cylindrical... Silo tower...Bowler hat.

So off I went & made a little, "Installation", to tell the tale of the, "Röst Rohr" & the connecting Gallery concept of MoMA Lemon.

It is a matter of focus you see, particularly at this time where toilet roll has become scarce with people buying it hysterically while my focus remains on creative impulses. So in one photo the focus is on the roll and in the other the focus is on the coffee and the lemon. I'd take a chance and say the latter is more important. 

A guy told me yesterday evening at the local supermarket that people were desperately fighting to stockpile their supply of toilet roll. Shocking I must say. It will come as no surprise then when swords shall be drawn should it come to having to stockpile something essential, like food.
Sad people. 

Me, I have one roll left. Happy as Larry. No panic. I have shitloads of Süddeutsche Newspapers left from my one year series. 301 to be exact, minus the front page which I painted on. 



Bowler Hat

In focus: an empty toilet roll. Out of focus: Freshly grounded coffee from, "Röst Rohr", a lemon, the symbol of MoMA Lemon & two "business" cards

In focus: Freshly grounded coffee from, "Röst Rohr", a lemon, the symbol of MoMA Lemon & two "business" cards. Out of focus: an empty toilet roll

Röst Rohr Kaffee with Lemon

Bowler Hat

Bowler Hat Silo Dream

The Bowler Hat Dream

Inside the Bowler Hat Dream