“The Crown of Humanity”

Oil on 24 Newspapers
300 x 280cm
2021 • 2022


The Completed Work will measure approximately 300 x 300cm painted on 24 Newspapers altogether representing the 24 days of Advent

Advent, from the Latin adventus, means, "coming". The arrival of someone or something, an event. As I understand life is full of events, coming & going, yet there is something that never comes & goes. Something within you that can't be described in words. The source from which all things come. You are that. 

1/24 to 8/24 • Burghauser Anzeiger
9/24 to 16/24 • Südostbayerische Rundschau
17/24 to 20/24 • Neue Zürcher Zeitung
21/24 to 24/24 • The New York Times

No better time for us to pull together in unison and isolate ourselves from fear injected into us by misguided leaders. Corona kills as does traffic if we don't watch out while crossing the road.

For the love of the source of everything which I understand to be your true being I paint Corona like a wreath, a "Kranz", to celebrate not the coming but the final arrival of an enormous smack in the face of humanity. The time has come to acknowledge that you alone are responsible for everything. There is no-one else to blame.

The Crown of Humanity is here to save us. It's the struggle & the pain that teaches you gratitude, the fight that makes you stronger to survive & lastly love & respect for each other that will prevail.




The Crown of Humanity