Driftwood sent to me by Post


Post is another passion. I send loads of it!


In the year 2000 I started to send weird things through the post, like a Teabag to my self from Ireland to my home in Germany, stamp and address on the Teabag itself. I posted it into the postbox just as it was, it arrived sealed in plastic.

About the same time I started to ask people to send me pieces of driftwood through the post.

I now have a collection of about 15 pieces from many different countries of the world.


The rule is I may not send myself them. I leave that up to the will of others who are touched by the immense passion I have for the poetry of driftwood...


that drifts in the sea

rocked by the moon

it's mystic playful dance

as if wanting

to land in the post

it caught your eye

ebbed to the seashore

from the ocean of

my very own awareness

which becomes

yours too not to own

but to be one with it

to be the driftwood