The Weightlessness of Nothing

If anything, the exhibition, "The Weightlessness of Nothing", asks questions.
A show of stories & things puzzled over the snippet of one's life-time as an artist.
It is destiny to love art & nature & seeing them as one comes naturally to a child. Surrounded by an adult world that appears to be running after something unachievable the child destiny is to be amazed by the nowness of nature & art. 

Simple as it is, life is a gift that we all inherit. And yet many of us fail to see our inheritance. 
"The Weightlessness of Nothing", is a show of artworks which altogether display the search for a solution to pain.

Art, nature & the world of creation, so ignored by the adult world running for the unachievable, is the solution and it's childsplay.

Inside that same child mind, where all these artworks were seen and created on an impulse, was also the pain, sometimes dangerously close to bringing about tragic circumstances. What saved the child was the audacity to see beyond the pain. Even the death of someone very close becomes a miraculous experience, it can make you ask questions & bring you to realize that pain though inevitable is in the mind only.  
Children, before they are taught to run for the unacheivable by the adult world, are all wonderful artists & being joyful is their nature. 
The Weightlessness of Nothing shares that joy, which though triggered by pain, is the result of a lot of questioning which brought at least one soul to see the mind as it is & go beyond suffering.

The photo is dedicated to a dear friend of the family who sadly passed away in November 2023