Payung Fantasi

Öl auf Zeitung Tribun Bali
Ausgabe 29. März 2018
Bali 29.03.2018

A new chapter of colour begins. It's not about cows and I knew that it never was! That moment with the cows in the year 2000 was a revelation, a spark to ignite the realization that the person is only a shadow, a dreamed up identity.

Do whatever you like but never forget that you are not a person.
On the beach in Seminyak there was this landscape of brightly coloured parasols and immediately I had the desire to paint them. Reminded me instantly of Gary Hume, "There were these depressed people in a depressed NHS hospital, and in the background was this modernist door - clear, perfectly designed, functional, democratic. I saw it and thought, bloody hell, there it is - I can paint that. It's perfect."

There is going to be a series of these. I think I'll do some large canvases of them.

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