Alles ist vergänglich, nur der Kuhschwanz, der bleibt länglich

Historical exhibition which took place in the castle of Tittmoning 25 August to the 3 October 2017. Paintings and drawings by Friedrich Voltz (german painter of cows 1817 - 1886) together with works of Pete Kilkenny. 

From 2013 Pete Kilkenny had access to many original works of Friedrich Voltz both on paper and on canvas which he partly interpreted into his own work. He sees it as a great honour to become connected with a part of German painting history and yet more importantly sees the spiritual development of art as paramount to it being merely a rendering act as in the case of Friedrich Voltz.

"Alles ist vergänglich, nur der Kuhschwanz, der bleibt länglich" was the title chosen for the exhibition which translated means that everything is transient and will perish, only the cow's tail will remain long, a german phrase stemming from around 1880.

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