MoMA Lemon

Art & KINDNESS will save the world. The soul/the unseen/nothingness, call it what you like, makes art & everything else for that matter possible and is KIND to the core. It connects us all without any real effort on our part.
This is my real life experience and I want to share with you that I don't plan very much, if I do it usually turns out wrong anyway. So better go with the flow as they say.

I met Dr. Ursula Krinzinger, her son Thomas Krinzinger & their assistant Manfred Wiplinger at the ART Düsseldorf on my return from Bali in November 2018. Had I not known Elisabeth von Samsonow the meeting would not have been so direct & jovial, trust serves us often when we counteract with people for the first time who happen to have the same friends as oneself.
These are very meaningful photos which celebrate that occasion.

It was my absolute admiration for Marina Abramović that drew me into the booth of Galerie Krinzinger. That's what great art does. It connects us. 
It draws you. Not you it. To me Marina is an ultimate wake up call. 

It is my great honour to be connected to Elisabeth von Samsonow & Ursula Krinzinger & yes to Marina Abramović. I am as connected to her as she is to the skeleton she is holding in her arms.