Galerie Krinzinger • Damien Hirst • Pete Kilkenny

I envision that we make an exhibition together.

DH • PK  • UK 

And Ursula I don't mean the United Kingdom!

I imagine to be the equivalent of DH in England or JK in America, the PK of Germany, with assistants of course. To fufill my dream, that News from Nowhere can become reality, not a utopia, not a Kopfkino.

Germany is suffering from what William Morris warned us about. 

It is so simple to understand. All work should be creative and pleasurable. Ask your children what they want to do. Is your industry, your workplace, where you want your child to work?

I am a Dad and always will be a Dad. I don't think in terms of woman man roles either, in my society women are free from the oppression of men,  domestic work is my job as is rearing a child, I want to take my child to work with me, in fact I did as a tree surgeon and I can do it now with art.

Time for us to radically change our way of thinking & ask our children how to live. Now. Children don't live in the future.

This is my work.

This is my art.


Virtually we already exhibited liebe Ursula. My virtual imagination is boundless 


A Virtual Exhibition curated by Pete Kilkenny