From 13 to Eternity



5 days before my son Leon's 13th birthday I jumped out of bed with the urge to paint the number 13 for him

As so often in my life I was driven by a burning desire.

As Robert Graves said in relation to "coincidences", in his book, "The White Goddess", there are too many to ignore.

0 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 55 89, the so-called fibonnacci sequence reflects so many very important happenings, major events in my life.

Oil and gold tincture on canvas
100 x 130cm

the plan I drew on this day, 11.01.2010, means that the massive artwork will be 445 x 732,5 cm to accommodate the number 89, the age of my Dad when Leon became 13.

I became a Dad aged 34

My Dad won money on a treble, all 3 horses came in and he had the downpayment for our house which he would not have earned in many moons back in the day. House number 13.

Dad was born in 1921

I can go on, & I will, with words & paintings I tell the story, of Eternity & how life lives itself, it doesn't need us to live it.