Coincidences are far too many to ignore and everything happens by itself 

The 13 towers of Chanquillo

Newgrange on the 21st December

Our house 13 Windle Road, my Mam from Dublin, Dad born in 21, Mam dying on the 22.12

Since childhood I've been wondering about the moon the sun & the stars & that everything appears to happen without me intervening.  Somehow, it seems that by not doing, there is effortless success. My destined journey from Doncaster to Newcastle to Greece to Nepal to Bavaria, to Tittmoning, "you have no choice", ringing in my ears.

Homer's Odysseus Joyce's Ulysses Kilkenny's Kuhlysses strung together like one poem written over two thousand five hundred years 

Winter Solstice 

An incredible time for contemplation. As if time would stand still, my best ever Winter Solstice Xmas 

Art Archaeoastronomy is a series of literary and visual artworks stringing together as one story, hard to fathom but then so was Ulysses 

Continuing in 2023 I will do my best to make sense of it all • • unity • creativity • kindness